random boy in white pants accompanied by random thoughts


While on a beautiful beach in Santa Cruz last weekend, I spied a cute little tan boy playing on the rocks in the most adorable rolled up white pants.  Naturally, I took his photo.  I really wanted to just go up to his dad and ask if I could just follow them around for awhile with my camera, but instead I shot real stealth-like.  From the hip.  Acted as if I was photographing the stick on the sand when really I was hoping to catch random boy in white pants.  I do believe I succeeded.

I give you random boy in white pants.  And a post with a random boy would be incomplete without random thoughts, am I right?



Minnesota is cold.  Right now I’m not a fan of Minnesota.

I am a fan of guacamole.  But then you already probably know this about me.

Right now the light fixture above our dining room table has three out of the five light bulbs burnt out.

I’m not sure why I just told you that, I’m actually hoping my husband will read this and get the hint that they need to be changed.



There is nothing quite as satisfying as vacuuming your home with a new bag-less vacuum cleaner.

I’m not sure if I should be proud of the amount of dirt and dog hair I picked up with said new bag-less vacuum cleaner. Does this say something about me?

My bangs need to be trimmed.

I wore my glasses today and because I need a bang trim I felt like that one character from The Addams Family.



Cider beer is gluten free so it’s totally healthy.

These tortilla chips that I’m snacking on are organic so they are totally healthy.

I caved and joined the latest social media site Vine, because I need one more thing to keep me tethered to my iPhone.

I’m justifying Vine because it’s forcing me to take videos which I’m not usually good at remembering.  So it’s all good.  Plus I follow Jimmy Fallon and it makes me feel cool.



And with that, I better get to bed.  I work this weekend and let’s just be honest, I’m not really looking forward to it.

Although starting an IV does sound fun.


from my lap: fly » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] you probably know by now, I have a habit of shooting from the hip, or from around my neck, or from my lap.  There are a lot of reasons why I love shooting this way. […]

amanda - I feel like that first photo is one I will come back to time and time again. Such a powerful image. And the light? Seriously.

I have no idea why you are taking Light + Life – you could be TEACHING it, girl!! :)

Heather M. - Stace, that top photo is absolutely stunning. Wow! I can’t believe you captured that. I mean I can believe it because you are that good but shooting from the hip, that just goes beyond all logical reason. I don’t know how you do it but girl, you totally do. Wow!

Anything gluten-free and organic is healthy, right?! ;)

And I’m praying your work weekend goes well.

tracey - He looks like little Mowgli from the Jungle Book.
I am a fan of guacamole.
My bangs just hit the perfect length, like yesterday. It’s always the two week mark after my haircut that my hair is “just right”.
Starting an IV…that’s just weird.
Praying your work weekend goes by fast!

Danica - Starting an IV always sounds fun. MY GOD that first one. Seriously. You took it at the hip? You are a gifted, talented. and amazing photographer. I’m so happy you have discovered this – because we are all lucky to see it :)

Amanda - I just love your posts!! My favorite part? Burnt out light bulbs… I often post to dos for my hubby.:)

Liza - You need to enter the first one in a competition. Yeah, it’s that goooooood. I almost followed Fallon, too…hehehe.

Andrea - Yes! What Carla said! A master of light indeed! And you shot these from the hip?! A master of settings as well!
Sorry you have to work this weekend. Hope it goes quickly.
And I think your bangs look just great!

Carla - You really are a master of light. Gorgeous.
I love random thoughts. I have the only 2 lightbulbs in my entryway burned out — they have been that way for a week or two and I have not changed them yet. I agree with your thoughts on the cider beer and the chips.
You’ll have to post some videos here so those of us Vine-less people can see them. :)

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