zoom, zoom



I was gone for like two seconds.  Okay, it was 3 days.  But when I returned I swore his pants were shorter.  His face changed.  His voice sounded different and he suddenly talked in more descriptive sentences.  Put on the brakes.



His little life is zooming past me.  And I’m trying hard to keep up with every change in his profile, every new word he says, every inch he grows.  Kindergarten round up last week, how did that happen?  Slow down fast car.


Heather M. - oh stacey, i just adore these photos and your words. it goes by so quickly, doesn’t it?! i’ll be crying on your shoulder come september when both kiddos are in school. wish we lived closer so we could at least go out for coffee that first day of school! sigh…

susan keller - I’m completely captivated by these images. the lines, the light/dark, E is here, E is gone. super cute!

georgia - love this for so many reasons… especially the symbolism in the last photo where he out of the picture… like he’s grown so fast and has moved out of the house already. yeah. slow down! i say the same thing all the time about isaac. and i don’t even have to leave for three days. sometimes it’s just waking up the next morning after not seeing him for 8hrs while we slept through the night. it’s like he’s woken up a different person. it’s a love/hate thing. love to watch him change and grow and develop and learn and become more isaac every day. but hate to see his old “skins” shed, ’cause i’ll miss those stages so much. i’ll be so sad when we no longer says mama and starts calling me mom. that kind of thing.

also love these photos today, because they remind me of isaac. his favorite thing… running his little matchbox cars along the window sill… as you may recall from a few posts back on my blog. =)

hope i can meet little e2 some day {and e1}.

Carla - I TOTALLY understand this. Totally. Our kindergarten registration night isn’t until next month but I’m already having anxiety. I’ve already started thinking about school shopping. I cried when I put pencils in the cart with Joe, I don’t even know what is going to happen with James. It’s that finality of being done with the baby/toddler/preschool stuff altogether. *sigh* It makes my heart ache.
Totally love the light on E’s face in that third picture.

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