standing still



I’m back after a weekend in the California sun.  My heart is full and I feel as though I need to just have a second to look back and take it all in.  As excited I was to go home and snuggle my loves, I was sad to leave my far away friends and the sound of the ocean.  I know I’ll feel like standing still this week.  Afraid that if I move the rhythm of the waves will slowly disappear and I’ll forget what they sound like.

Of-course life happens, as it did at 3:30 this morning with a feverish little E.  It was cartoons on the couch at very early hours in the morning.  I’ll revisit the surf and conversations in my head, but we all know it’s impossible to stand still.  I’m grateful for dear friendships that will continue even if I have difficulty hearing the soothing waves.

Janine Coveney - wow. this image reminds me of a dream.

Jean - Just beautiful!

susan keller - happy sigh. so happy you all had this perfectly lovely weekend together. praying E is quickly on the mend.

Carla - Beautiful shot. So happy that you guys got to have that special time together. I’m excited to see more pictures. Hope E feels better.

tracey - Love this shot. Poor E. I’m on the verge of ickies I think. I had to get up and go to work this morning. Just go home and dumped soup all over the counter and missed the bowl.
Praying you get some rest. Miss you!

Heather M. - Oh and btw, I downloaded my photos from this day and my photo like this totally sucks. Yours is just amazing. I think I might have to add the 35mm to my list…

Andrea - I have the exact same picture! Lol! I’m sure we will all be posting some of the same this week.
Enjoy the stillness this week.

Heather M. - Oh Stace, I’m going to be standing still (and probably crying a lot) this week too. Feeling so sad that our time together is over already but so grateful that it happened.

And that photo = stunning.

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