from my lap: summer


It’s been bitter cold here in Minnesota.  Bitter cold.  I know what you are thinking.  “Here comes the part where the Minnesotan whines about the bitter cold in Minnesota.”  You might even do your thinking with a northern accent and pronounce Minnesota, “Minn-e-soooooo-ta”, and roll your eyes.   We choose to live here (sometimes I wonder why), so therefore we probably shouldn’t complain about the inevitable cold weather that comes with living here.

So instead of complaining (you are welcome), I thought I’d give myself a dose of summer.  I was looking through some photos from last August and came across these below.  Evie was playing in the sand and I was sitting on a patio chair in the grass, just watching her.  My camera was on my lap and I quickly adjusted my settings and set it back down, snapping away as I saw fit.  None of these photos were taken looking through my view finder.  The exposure and focus are off in some of them because I just turned my camera on my lap and shot.  It allowed me to be present without a camera hiding my face, while still allowing me to capture the summer afternoon.  I can *almost* feel the warm sun.



This little series makes me smile.  Sure, it brings me back to summer and makes me forget about the bitter cold.  But it also reminds me that technically perfect photos are overrated.  That looking through the view finder and having everything “just so” isn’t always necessary.  That I can occasionally capture a story, our story, from my lap.  And sometimes if I get the big piece of equipment away from my face it helps to actually see things better.  All lessons I’m learning not only in photography, but also in life these days.  Imperfect is okay.  Change your perspective.  Simplify.

And my husband wishes I would learn the important life lesson of moving to a warmer climate.  But too bad for now.  You’ll just have to keep hearing me gripe about bitter Minnesooooota weather.  :)


liza - oooooohhhh…those are awesome. ’nuff said.

Heather M. - oh goodness, i needed a good dose of summer today. :) love these photos and your words (i say that every post, don’t I?! it’s true though!). i love what you captured and how you went about it. so inspiring.

Jean - *walk on the lake, not in. Whoops.

Jean - “Minn-e-soooooo-ta” — You made me laugh!

My hands were about to fall off while bringing the garbage & recycle bins from driveway to garage. Can’t believe my boyfriend is braving it to work on the car as well (luckily it’s a spare car). However, I really want to go walk in the lake as soon as it is above 30! :)

And definitely, imperfection is okay! These photos sure make me smile, the sundress, the lake. Deck photos are always so pleasing to me! Stay warm!!

andrea - gorgeous photos!
yes, there is beauty in the imperfect, isn’t there? so hard to embrace it sometimes though – at least for me.
that first photo is perfection!

Carla - We must have been on the same wavelength. I just went with warmer winter pictures put I was/am definitely yearning for some warmer temps. I miss the feeling of sand in between my toes. . . ahhhh.

georgia - i’ll try this again…

ummmm… you should not set the exposure and shutter speed on your camera more often, ’cause the lighting and mood in these is! i am especially smitten with 1, 6, 9 and 11.

it’s cold here, too. but no accent to make fun of if i complain about it. so i’ll do that. it’s coooooooold! =(

georgia - it’s not taking my comment??? =(

Amanda - these photos? those summers? THAT’S why we live in Minnesota. ;)

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