quiet in the beauty shop


This past weekend, in the midst of seven kids running amuck in the house after opening Christmas presents, I went to go let Leo outside out the back door of my mother-in-law’s beauty shop.  He quickly ran back through the door and I just stood there, somewhat entranced by the beautiful muted light coming in from the windows and landing on the aqua chairs.  I went and grabbed my camera and sneaked back into the little back corner for 15 minutes.

And in the quietness of that little beauty shop I was content just snapping my photos.



I often am labeled as the quiet one.  I suppose I am.  I like to sit back and take things in, I like to observe, I like to listen, I like to sneak away and photograph hair dryers (which may get me labeled as somewhat strange, but that’s okay).  I think sometimes I’m mistaken as shy, or even worse, unfriendly or distant.  But those that really know me know that I’ll take a seat in one of those aqua chairs and chat away, when I’m ready.  Maybe after my hair is dry and the pink rollers are removed.

And please tell me you agree that the aqua chairs are wonderful.

janet - I always thought I was shy and quiet, but I’m sure people think I’m a snob. My son’s girlfriend is a Lot like me (quiet) and she comes across as snobby (which she isn’t) so now I know how I’m perceived.
I hated aqua for the longest time, but now I love it and keep trying to find ways to add it to my home.
Your pictues of the shop are great!

Heather M. - I adore the way you see the world and that we are so very lucky enough that you share your view with us. These photos are amazing. I love the light and the dark. They just scream Stacey to me, kwim? And those aqua chairs are awesome. My fav. colour. :)

Janine - agreed. the aqua chairs are awesome. the images remind me of being a young girl and watching my mum get her hair dried in the salon.

georgia - it’s all so charming. just love that place without even having been there. i think i would really enjoy getting some t.l.c. for my hair {and psyche} there. love the mood of your pics.

and still loving the way your site looks when i click on it! makes me smile.

tracey - I LOVE the aqua chairs. I love your geeky taking pictures of hair drying chairs self. And I can relate to the quiet thing and being misunderstood.
And do you know this morning I woke to see that same quiet light on my dresser lamp. Bean thought I was dingy when I arose to go get my camera. :)

Carla - I’d totally forgotten about that beauty shop. Not that I was over at Dana’s that often, but this brings back some memories of being at that house. Love the light, love the kind of retro feel, love the peacefulness — it really comes through with how you captured the light. I do love the aqua chairs.

Andrea - Beautiful light and yes, the aqua chairs are wonderful. :-)
I remember when a couple of good friends told me they initially took my quietness as snobbiness and aloofness. I was shocked. I had never considered that interpretation of being quiet before. It was an eye opener for me.

Jean - boy, you sure do know how to capture light! i love how you capture it so well, in parts where there is not much light. wow!

you know what? i am often labeled as the quiet one as well. i’m kind of introverted like that. and some folks even ask me why i take photos of those little things like legs of a table, lamps, feet, etc. i like those simple things, they make me smile. :) those aqua chairs are cool. i don’t think i have ever sat in one of those hair drier chairs.

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