the giant christmas collage


We celebrated our final Christmas this weekend.  No more gift wrapping. The tape can go back to it’s original purpose at our house, which is of-course a substitute for glue for any and all of Evie’s art projects.

As I was looking through all the photos I took over Christmas this year, I was feeling overwhelmed at just choosing a few to post.  Either that or I’m feeling very lazy. Okay, probably the latter. So instead of picking and choosing and doing multiple Christmas posts I just made a giant collage of unedited snapshots that highlight our Christmas celebrations.  Happy times.


Heather M. - I totally love this huge collage. I love that you shared the unedited photos. I have tonnes of Christmas photos that will likely never see the light of day because of the whole editing thing. You got some really awesome shots, Stacey! And I’m so happy for you that all your Christmas gatherings are finally over. :)

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