rays of sunshine



January has been somewhat of a crazy month.  I guess I didn’t really realize just how crazy it was until I woke up with a cold sore starting to tingle on my upper lip this morning.  I talked with a friend this afternoon and told her I didn’t really feel too stressed so I didn’t know where that came from (cold sores for me = stress). She then pointed out to me just how busy I’ve been and I was like, oh yeah, I guess I have been.  Not crazy stress, but apparently enough to cause a cold sore stress. Schedule wise….with work and family stuff and other stuff I won’t have a weekend without anything planned until the middle of February. Creatively….working on this space, trying to pick up my camera more, trying to learn new photography stuff.  Emotionally….just the normal stress of the holidays, getting back to routines, January in Minnesota blahs.

But in the midst of the apparent cold sore inducing stress, there have been January rays of sunshine.  Like the 39 degree day before the sub-zero temps hit again. Like hearing someone say they are proud of you, hearing multiple people saying they are proud of you.  Dinner at a quaint little restaurant with a dear friend. Snuggling after she woke up with bad dreams.  Like baby smiles.  And new socks.  Like a thoughtful card in the mail.  Him pointing at his penguin on the preschool wall.  Catching up over coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in over a year. Like climbing into a new comfy bed.  A date at Panera with my boys on Wednesday nights.  Watching her “Just Dance”.  His texts just asking how my day is going.  Like watching Leo play with the neighbor kids in the backyard.

Like sitting on the couch and feeling the warmth of the sun through the blinds on the windows.

If only just listing little rays of sunshine would cure my stress induced cold sore….


janet - I thought of you twice this week…once while we were in Wabasha, trying to see some eagles, I noticed a little cafe named Stacey’s and late afternoon, yesterday, while I was walking past my bedroom, I noticed the light coming through the blinds…my first thought was, This is the kind of light that Stacey always captures…grab your camera.
You do make an impression

Jenn - I love hearing about your rays of sunshine amidst the busy-ness and stress. And love that your body has a way of reminding you to slow down, even when you don’t think you need it.

tracey - Funny how our bodies tell us what’s going on before our minds do. I’ve had one cold sore before. I was like, “WHA????” Freaked me out. Haven’t had one since! I just get other things…stomach issues, skin issues, blah blah blah.

Heather M. - yay for little rays of sunshine especially in the midst of busy schedules and cold winters. love these photos of evie and how the colour of her eyes just pop with the light and her orange shirt. i’ve never noticed the colour of her eyes before but it is so striking here. xoxo

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