please stay this close



He misses her when she’s at school.  So when she comes home he sticks to her like glue, longing for the sisterly interaction he went without all day.  (I guess mom doesn’t play Power Rangers quite as well as sister.)  Yesterday they came through the door and immediately went to the couch where he was anxious to show her some new level he had passed on his game.  They sat there, cheek to cheek, for a good 15 minutes.

I sat behind them and watched.  And I said a little prayer that they always stay this close.  Please stay this close.


Carla - My boys seem to be constantly fighting yet when I try to separate them, they always gravitate towards each other. They are very close and I can only hope that as they get older the fighting will subside a little. They almost always play well when they play and share their DSs. Sweet picture.

Heather M. - oh yes, i agree. i often say the same prayer, “please stay this close”. love that you captured this moment. what a treasure it will be for them in the future.

Shannon - It is so sweet when they get along so well, isn’t it? Melts a mama’s heart & makes it so full!
BTW- I’m loving your new blanket!! We must shop at West Elm soon!

gina - So sweet! Oh and what is this you claim about having a messy house?!?!? Look are their surroundings, nothing out of place!!!! xoxo

Andrea - This is sweet. They are very lucky to have each other. Really truly they are. I always wanted that for Max.
This post makes me very happy and also brought a few tears to my eyes.

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