reluctantly doing this one word thing



Here’s the deal with the one word thing.  I don’t like to do the one word thing because everyone is doing the one word thing so I need to do the one word thing.  Which makes me NOT want to do the one word thing.  I don’t like to do the one word thing just to do the one word thing.

Okay, I may have lost a few of you there.

Let me explain.  Some people like to choose “one word” for the year.  Kind of like their theme, their hope for the year, their thing to work on, their focus.  I’m not one for making themes or goals for the year.  Heck, I have a hard time making themes or goals for anything any time of the year.  Focus?  Unless it’s pertaining to taking photos that word isn’t in my vocabulary.  I had no desire to do the one word thing.  I’m not a one word kinda gal.  I didn’t want to be a one word kinda gal just because other people were one word kinda gals.


Even after reading a lot of recent blog posts on one words, I was like, I don’t need one word.  I wasn’t really feeling it.  A friend even suggested praying for a word and I prayed, but I fought against it.  I was like a stubborn little kid.

But about a week ago God had different plans for me and all of these random thoughts starting popping into my head.  Not in the form of one word, more like a jumble of words.  I kept trying to fish out a word from that jumble, but I realized that God needed me to work through the mess.

Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost most of you by now.

It comes down to this.  I’m a disorganized person.  Lately I feel like I’ve been suffocating in my own home.  I get overwhelmed easily.  I procrastinate.  I’m sensitive and emotional and relational.  I overanalyze.  And when stuff comes up, even if it’s just as simple as cleaning my own house or hanging pictures on my own wall, I end up just sitting.  Doing nothing.  Thinking and thinking but never doing.



And wouldn’t you know it?  After working through all of that, God smacked me right in the head with it.  Finally.  One word.


It hurts to even type it.  And isn’t that funny?  Because it fits.  I mean, read the title of this post.  Reluctantly doing this.  SMACK.


Move.  And not as in go and run a half marathon move.  (Although that would be fine and good.)  I’m talking about moving in my life, my house, my relationships, my passions, my faith, my family.  Riding down the highway of life rather than sitting on the curb.  That might mean finally hanging the pictures that have been sitting on the desk for a month.  Taking that photography class I’ve been wanting to take.  Purposely spending more time talking to God, spending more time listening.  Being open to being vulnerable in my relationships, creating boundaries in relationships. Being intentional about cultivating our little family.  And cleaning out that junk drawer that drives me nuts every time I open it.  (Who am I kidding?  I have like 8 junk drawers. God be with me.)

So there it is.  My one word that I really didn’t want to do.  Move.  God has a funny sense of humor.



janet - I’m re-using Believe (but I kind of live by that word) and adding Simplify (got my kitchen cleaned out).
I usually plan things in my head, which means I see them already Done…so I put off acually doing them because…well, they’re done, right.

Carla - Great word. That fits my life a little. I know that people pick new words each year but I’ve stuck with the same one (believe) for the past 3 years. Just when I think maybe I should move on, I realize I’m not ready. Can’t wait to see how your word plays into your actions this year. :)

Heather M. - I love this word and I love how God spoke it into your life and I love your interpretation of this word and what it will mean for your life this year. And I also love you. :)

sara - love your heart.
i think your word is perfect too.

i get the not wanting to do it because everyone is. just to do it.

and i love that God is gently nudging you to move.


tracey - I think it’s PERFECT word!!!!!!!

Jenn - He has an amazing sense of humour! :) Love your word and that He gave it to you in such a way that now you’re going to really own it. Excited for you!

Janine - So much to do! I totally get it. I know that overwhelming feeling. I have a junk drawer that bothers me so much. I finally cleaned it out just the other day. De-cluttering our house de-clutters my mind. I feel more open to new things coming into our life this year…and I don’t mean material things. I’m moving more and sitting at my PC less. Keep moving, I say. Jx

Andrea - Great word, Stacey! I’m excited to see how this word plays out in your life this year.
I think many of us can relate to the thinking and thinking and never doing. I know I can! I lack motivation of any kind.
Move girlfriend! And then keep moving more and more. :-)

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