I’m not a huge game person.  Well, let me clarify.  I’m not a huge *big group make yourself look ridiculous have to come up with stuff on the spur of the moment* game person.  I am no good at charades.  Pictionary is laughable.  I’m much more a fan of games where you have to think, strategize, be smart.  I rocked at Clue growing up.  You don’t have a chance if you play against me in Rummikub.  And the card game “500”?  You are going down.

So in mainly selfish interest (because I am really sick of playing Chutes and Ladders), I got a few games for the kids for Christmas that are more focused on thinking, strategizing, being smart.  Okay, so they are learning games.  But don’t tell my kids that.

Eli and I were playing one the other day that I got for Evie to help her learn her math facts.  Of-course, my Eli is more interested in playing it than Evie.  He will be my future “500” partner someday.  I took the following string of photos as we played, I bet you can guess who won.

Naomi - Cute! If you dont have it, get qwirkle! We got owen that for christmas and its actually pretty fun and requires strategy. We too get sick of playing candyland. Ha

tracey - Love it. :)

Shannon - that’s awesome! We LOVE games at our house! Luckily, I’m married to the King of Charades/Improv, so I don’t have to even try to be good at those games. I just let him have all the glory!! What games did you get?? I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for quality, educational games! p.s. love his shirt (I loved that one on my E!) and the last pic is priceless… I feel his victory! ;)

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