framed: she reads



One night last week she just wouldn’t go to sleep.  So I gave her the choice.  Go to sleep, or read in bed.  As a parent you learn to give choices that will be a win/win in either direction.  Going to sleep, obviously a win.  And in Evie’s case reading hasn’t always come easy, and most days it’s still a struggle to get her to pick up a book.  So reading in bed, definitely a win.  She choose to read.

So I turned on her little Tinkerbell lamp, got her some carrots to munch, and she read.  She’s done it periodically the past month, read on her own.  But since this photo she’s done it every night since.  She snuggles up in her bed with the light and her snack and flips the pages.  Sometimes I hide outside her door and just listen.

It’s a wonderful sight for this mama.  Almost as wonderful as her finally drifting off to sleep.


Andrea - Precious photo. :-)

tracey - I love that she has come so far! How precious to see her tucked away in the safety and comfort of her bed. :)

michelle - Can I just say again how lovely the new blog is. It’s so big and fresh and clean and lovely. And I adore this shot of her reading. :)

susan keller - this whole story just makes me happy.

Jenn - Such a sweet photo and so great that she’s choosing to read, especially if it hasn’t always come easy. Beautiful.

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