As I was pouring over all of the Christmas photos that I’ve taken thus far (that’s right, we still have one more celebration to go), I came across these of my niece. She is an absolute sweetheart.  Hardly makes a peep other than the occasional “coo” when you make her smile.  She is a petite little thing, yet has those irresistible cheeks that I just want to eat up.  She is a doll.  She really only gets upset if she has her pacifier in her mouth and she loses it.  My sister is actually hoping that she might find her thumb so eventually she can learn to soothe herself.



I held her in my arms as she slept this past weekend and thought to myself that if I could have another one with a temperament like hers I’d be tempted to do it all over again.  Then I looked at my two playing independently and suddenly felt very content.  Content holding my niece, content with my two.

It’s a powerful feeling, almost like a wave rushing over you, when contentment comes and takes a hold of you.  After many years I’m finally starting to get what that word means.  It’s a learning process.  Like teaching a baby how to soothe herself.  You give her the pacifier until she spits it out and eventually she finds her own little thumb, something that was there all along.  It’s often how it goes with contentment, is it not?  You search and search for something to give you peace until you discover that it was right in front of you the whole time.



gina - So beautiful!

Sarah Jane - Oh she is so so sweet! Love these shots, the light is so lovely.

Nichol - You have a way of of catching life and freezing it. Not only in your photos, but in your thoughts and words you share. Thanks for stamping that in your readers minds, its beautiful and reflecting, a great reminder to stop and pause and take in what the GOOD Lord has given you;)

Marvett Smith - Beautiful!

Naomi - So, so sweet. Love the B & W.

tracey - She is the most precious thing. :) Love your words as well.

Carla - OMG – she is just adorable!!! The eyes, the cheeks, the cute little nose . . . so, so cute. Love how you captured her innocence. Love the wedding ring too. Is that Mindy’s?
Spot on with your thoughts on contentment.

Jean - We have one last Christmas celebration to go as well :)

I like to think everyday is a learning process. We do learn something new every single day about little things. people. ourselves. life. In the past year, I have learned to love contentment more and more as well. ;)

And boy, your words, again, powerful! The photos are spectacular and your baby niece has beautiful eyes. Love that little smile in the first picture.

Heather M. - Oh dear, love your words, the photos, the way you put them both together but most of all, love your heart and what God is doing in it. :)

Andrea - If that thumb of contentment is right in front of me, man I sure can’t seem to find it! One of these years I’ll find it…
Beautiful Stacey photos as always!!

Baby sister - You brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the day brightener, and for being a spectacular auntie. 143.

Shannon Smith - She is such a beautiful baby… and the B&W is spectacular! I love to hear how God is working in your life, dear friend. Contentment is a wonderful, blessed place to be. Loves!

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