stepping into a new space



Welcome to my new space!  I feel like I’m leaving a beach with footprints in the sand behind me and stepping onto a new one, standing here and watching the tide create a new canvas.  A smooth surface on which to produce new impressions.  I’m looking forward to taking off my shoes and digging in my toes.

I’ve been working on this for awhile now. I won’t say just how long, but in true Stacey-like fashion I procrastinated until I finally just sat down and did it.  And even though I feel like this space is how I want it to be, please be patient with me as I tweak some things here and there.

And please feel free to take off your shoes and dig in yourself!  This blog isn’t too different from my previous one.  It’s still a place where I will share the story of “s, d, & double e“, just like before.  You will see milestones and school programs and life around our house.  I might share some of my “deep thoughts”.  I will continue to use this space to journal about our little life, first and foremost.  But it will also be a place to display my photo work.

You will notice four tabs above: me, us, them, you.  The “me” tab obviously talks about me and a little bit about my story. The “us” tab is broken down into two sections, one of which is a documentation of our little family and another of the world around me.  The “them” tab is a showcase of some of my photo work.  And the “you” tab is for those wanting to know a bit more about my photography business.

I’m so grateful you are here.


Amanda - Love it! Awesome work! I won’t disclose how long it took me to set up my new word press blog either! I was so suck if tutorial videos I was going to scream!:)

georgia - yay! looks awesome! can’t wait to see more. love the simplicity and peaceful mood here.

tracy - love, love, love this new space! hello wonderful things to come…

Heather M. - This site is just so beautifully you, Stacey. I feel so privileged that I get to be here for the very first post. What an honour! The photo and words you chose for this, your very first post, are perfect. Looking forward to spending some time discovering the rest of your site. :) Love you so very much friend and am so proud of you. This must have taken hours and hours of hard word and with one glance I can tell you it’s all worth it. Gorgeous work, my friend, absolutely gorgeous. xoxoxo

Jen - Congratulations on the new space! I enjoy following your blog and your beautiful pictures, so I’ve marked this new space in my blog feed. Happy New Year!!

Hanne - Congrats Stacey – looking forward to follow you in this new space!

Andrea - I just finished watching all of the slide shows. Omg!! Gorgeous! All of them. I could watch them over and over. Beautiful. I’m so happy that you’ve taken this next step with this site and a business. Very exciting, Stacey! Xo

Jackie Otto - Stacey…congratulations!! I’m so proud to see this. You. Here. In this space. I love watching you grow. You’re an inspiration!

Tracey Dixon - Stacey!!! This is GREAT!!!! Yay! What a big new step. I wish we lived closer to have you document our life. . . ;) Seriously, someday you guys should come here, the kiddos can play, and you could do some photos for us and our ministry sites. . . . think on it!

Karli - A million congratulations to you, my friend!!! Wonderful!! I am so excited to look thru every single tab in the menu! (yep, i surely will)
So happy for your new place and can’t wait to see more! Hugs!! xoxo

Jean - Congratulations Stacey! This is awesome and I love this little space of yours! I have always adored your photos and words. xo

Laura - So lovely! Easy to comment, easy to share or subscribe or pin, and I love the scrolling images. :) Nicely done!!

tracey - Love the photo strip added to the banner! Gonna take some time so sit and look at all your galleries and words when I have the chance. So glad you are here! Hugs!

Janine - Love the new space, Stacey. Glad to be here.

liza - Awesome, Stacey…I think most of us are evolving to newer versions of themselves. I have a little something to unveil in the upcoming weeks…and no, it’s not another little one.

sara - um- yay!

i love it.
love you.

and am so looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work this year.


Andrea - Congrats on the new space!!

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